Suit of Pentacles

The 14 tarot cards of the Suit of Pentacles represent the material, labor, manifestation, and form. The numbered Minor cards tend to relate to everyday events and situations, while the court cards may refer to people.

Each of these cards can, of course, represent the following meanings. Or their reverse. Or any other meanings that you read into them and develop for yourself. Different cards in different decks can also give different feelings. Trust yourself and study the cards; with time you will see their place in the deck. These simple keywords are a beginning sketch of the tarot cards.

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Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, New Opportunities, Abundance

Two of Pentacles

Concentration, Balance, Priorities

Three of Pentacles

Collaboration, Advice, Education

Four of Pentacles

Possession, Stability, Greed

Five of Pentacles

Isolation, Insecurity, Poverty

Six of Pentacles

Giving, Charity, Goodwill

Seven of Pentacles

Investment, Practice, Vision

Eight of Pentacles

Labor, Quality, Repetition

Nine of Pentacles

Self-Sufficiency, Influence, Luxury

Ten of Pentacles

Wealth, Completion, Estate

Page of Pentacles

Student Attempting Initial Ideas

Knight of Pentacles

Persistent and Rigorous Methodologist

Queen of Pentacles

Supportive and Independent Advocate

King of Pentacles

 Disciplined Master of the Worldly