Major Cards

The 22 Major tarot cards represent the universal and the archetypal life events. These cards are often considered to have a greater weight than the Minor cards. Reading these cards in order can tell you the story of the Fool’s journey through life.

Each of these cards can, of course, represent the following meanings. Or their reverse. Or any other meanings that you read into them and develop for yourself. Different cards in different decks can also give different feelings. Trust yourself and study the cards; with time you will see their place in the deck. These simple keywords are a beginning sketch of the tarot cards.

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0 – The Fool

Beginnings, the Unknown, Potential

I – The Magician

Skill, Craft, Trick

II – The High Priestess

Mystery, Secret Knowledge, Truth

III – The Empress

Nurture, Abundance, Ceremony

IV – The Emperor

Authority, Structure, Domination

V – The Hierophant

Community, Conformity, the Word

VI – The Lovers

Harmony, Love, Union

VII – The Chariot

Intention, Willpower, Movement

VIII – Justice

Cause and Effect, Law, Character

IX – The Hermit

Isolation, Introspection, Discovery

X – The Wheel of Fortune

Chance, Fate, Tao

XI – Strength

Endurance, Discipline,  Control

XII – The Hanged Man

Time, Contemplation, Transformation

XIII – Death

Change, Ending and Beginning, Transition

XIV – Temperance

Balance, Oneness, Moderation

XV – The Devil

Attachment, Disinterest, Bondage

XVI – The Tower

Sudden Change, Calamity, Disruption

XVII – The Star

Renewal, Hope, Faith

XVIII – The Moon

Fantasy, Illusion, Madness

XIX – The Sun

Joy, Fellowship, Engagement

XX – Judgment

Accountability, Awakening, Reflection

XXI – The World

 Experience, Completion, Return