From 2017 to 2018: a New Year Tarot Reading

2017-2018 New Year Tarot Reading

As we wrap up 2017 and roll out 2018, here is a New Year tarot reading to consider. This is a spread of mindful tarot reflection, and personally, these cards really did a good job of identifying where I’m at. So, good job cards!

This New Year tarot reading uses nine cards in three groups of three. The first grouping considers back on the year past, the second looks at where you’re currently at in the New Year transition, and the third identifies your goals and expectations for the future. Each group somewhat follows a Situation / Conflict / Advice spread.

Notice that these cards aren’t attempting to predict the year ahead. There’s much less value in predictions than there is analysis, I think. You can use this as a model to check up on yourself, consider the past, and prepare yourself for the future, which is much, much more useful than a prediction.

Also, I’d like to point out that I enjoy the symmetry of this draw. Each of my groups happened to include a Major, a court card or ace, and a numbered card. Plus, each of the suits represent themselves. So, without any further ado, let’s look at an example of how this New Year tarot reading can work:

2017-2018 New Year Tarot Reading

Looking Back at 2017

This grouping forms the foundation for the rest of this spread as it looks back on where we were. Cause and effect are real; this group can be considered the Justice of the spread.

My draw:

How true! My year was a so-called emotional rollercoaster. Ups and downs in my personal life and career, success and disappointment, relationships made and ended, and expectation created and completed. Nothing was without consequence, and I carry the past year with me without easily shrugging it off.

Yes, I know that this description is way overly generalized and applicable to nearly anyone. We all, I’m sure, had emotions that affected us during the 2017 year. But consider, for a minute, how these three cards could have described your year. I don’t think I could have drawn a better set of three cards to draw attention to and meditate on the past. This is where mindfulness comes into play. What do these cards mean to you, and how would you sum up your past? That’s what matters. Analyze yourself.

At the Cusp of the New Year

This grouping is the querent in the present moment, at the changing of the calendar. The past year has led to this moment, and the New Year stretches ahead. A time is ending and a time is beginning; this group can be considered the Death of the spread.

My draw:

Here, I am the Queen. With my reflection and retrospections, and with my beginnings of expectations, I am in a state of awareness, caution, and concern. By the way, I love the artwork on this card from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. The Queen isn’t shown; you see her reflection as she stands in a pool of water. She is considering herself, but the drop of water that falls from her cup is about to disturb the reflection below. Therefore, The Moon card appears.

As we look ahead we only see the shapes of expectation, hopes, and dreams but not the actual substance of the future, which hasn’t been written yet. Then, as we look behind our emotions cloud our reflections on the past. In reality, we live in the present moment but we constantly look ahead and behind. Become the Nine of Pentacles. Be the individual, instant, and present self-sufficiency that is this card. Consider the past without dwelling on it and consider the future without expecting anything from it.

Planning Ahead for 2018

This grouping is the goal, focus, and expectation of the New Year. Something begins and we don’t know where it will go; depending on the querent it can be considered many things. Is it The Fool, The Wheel of Fortune, Judgment, or The World?

My draw:

In this group I am the Chevalier (again an appearance of the court of Wands!). I want to charge ahead into the creation of the New Year free and unencumbered (as the Nine of Pentacles suggests) but the Eight of Swords tells me that the past still binds me. This is the challenge in my New Year tarot reading. My goal, in 2018, is to transcend the past and to become The Fool beginning the cycle again. I can and should bring my experiences with me but I need to move past them without being bound by them. I should live as the combination of The Fool/Nine of Pentacles.

A New Year Tarot Reading

The purpose of a New Year tarot reading is to provide a framework for your reflective mindfulness. By letting these cards direct your meditation you can set goals for 2018, based on where you’ve come from and where you are.

Happy New Year!

The cards used in this post are from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn deck.