About Mindful Tarot

Welcome to Six of Knives, a site of mindful tarot.

Tarot is a guide of self, development, understanding, and exploration. Through the chance drawing and reading of a selection of the 78 cards, we can use the tarot deck as a means of ascribing order to chaos. The cards, based on archetypal conditions and situations shared as a part of the human experience, can provide a framework to create and analyze narrative meaning. One person’s reading of a drawing of cards may differ from another’s, and these individual acts of creation are a perfect demonstration of the essential tarot.

On Six of Knives, you can find thoughts on the cards and process of using tarot. You can also find a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-access guide to basic meanings of the cards. Use these texts as an aide to your own development of understanding of the tarot deck.